If our pet guests could "talk", they'd have lots of great things to say about their experiences at Pet's Best Friend! Lucky for us, their pet parents have put into words just how much their furry friends like us! As for us, the "smiles" on their faces say it all!

"Always very pleased with his haircuts..."

"Our pup Winston has been going here for nearly a year now and we are always very pleased with his haircuts. He is a doodle so his hair can get quite unruly if we do not stick to a regular grooming routine. So glad we found Pets Best Friend, cannot recommend them enough!!" - Whitney M.

"I will be taking him back..."

"My Puppy Pete had a great time there. staff treated him great. Nothing but good things to say about the staff and the care that Pete received. I will be taking him back next time I have to leave him." - D. Santiful

"Always confident my babies are in safe hands."

“I have taken my kitty babies to Pet’s Best Friend since moving to Rocky Mount in 2007. They greet you and your loved ones with smiles and open arms. Not only are they beautifully groomed every single time, I am always confident that my babies are in safe hands. Beth Smith has that special touch that calms and soothes my baby boy. I also use their pet sitting services several times a year, sometimes weeks at a time. I always know that Susan is there for all their needs plus lots of playtime... she even sends me pictures of my babies while I am gone. Love these guys and you will too!! - K. Hearne

"Small business with a BIG business heart!"

"Thanks for letting Kipper be a part of your unique family!! The personal touch that PBF puts on every service they offer is exceptional. Your care for the fur babies as well as their humans is priceless. You guys are a total package and sooooo appreciated!! I remember the 1st time we bought Kipper there to meet Ellen and we walked out with a peace of mind. I spent a few hours with Susan in the Wash n Wag and left with a deep sense of respect for groomers. Small business with a big business heart!! I wish every fur baby could experience PBF!" -  J. Barnes

"So happy with the experience!"

"Just took my baby for her first big girl grooming. It was perfection. She is now a big girl with a beautiful cut. So happy with the experience and Molly seemed happy as well when i returned. Will definitely be returning. Thank you guys for a job well done."  -  B. Jones

"They treat her as if she were one of their own."

"Seven years ago, I was looking for someone to come in to check on my sweet kitten, Davinci when I was heading out of town for the weekend. Little did I know what a wonderful relationship that was about to form. A few years later, my husband moved to Rocky Mount with Maverick, his chinchilla. I know many people do not know about these little balls of fur, but they are time consuming, adorable creatures that must have daily attention. To our complete surprise, Susan knew about them and was able to watch both the cat and the mouse when we were out of town!

A few years down the road, minus our sweet Davinci, we got a different bundle of furry sweetness. Cassie! I remember calling PBF and speaking to Robin and asking 1,000 questions about them coming in to do walks during the day. Since my husband and I both work at the hospital, Cassie would need some attention during the day. She and Susan came over to meet Cassie and go over some things. I had never had a puppy and was like a new mother hen over her. Susan was the sweetest thing and just kept smiling…and looking back I know she was chuckling at my neurotic self. Let’s be honest, I look back and laugh at myself. Anyway, within a few months, Cassie was old enough to go to daycare. Well, you would have thought I had given the puppy the biggest filet mignon there was. She LOVED it there! In the coming weeks and months, all I would have to do is ask Cassie if she wanted to go and play, and immediately she would run to the door of the car.

I have been carrying Cassie there for the last 2 ½ years and she LOVES it! I cannot say enough about the care and attention she receives by the staff. They treat her as if she was one of their own and who could ask more than that?!? She is there 2 or 3 days a week and comes home tired after her fun day with her friends. There have even been times I have been sick and they have gladly come and picked her up and brought her home in the afternoon. They have definitely been my pet support and are always willing to go above and beyond. I honestly just don’t know what I would do without them!"
  -J. Levy 

"Very pleased with our experience..."

"Thank you PBF for always taking great care of Winston! From what I can tell Winston likes the staff which speaks volumes as he is generally not a fan of the groomer. PBF can get very busy but I believe that is a testament of how many people trust PBF with their pets.

Going into todays appointment I knew that Winston was going to need to be shaved down due to a few matts he had developed. I was completely fine with this as ultimately I want Winston to be comfortable & I trust PBF wouldn’t shave him if it wasn’t necessary. Thus far very pleased with our experience and Winston also thanks PBF!!" - Whitney M.

"The price is extremely reasonable!"

"AMAZING! This is how I would describe Pet’s Best Friend! Drake, our black Labrador, has been attending daycare since he was about 4 months old, he’s now 15 months and still goes 1-2 days/week. PBF is his home away from home where my husband and I don’t feel “guilty” leaving him all day. I know Drake loves daycare because he never looks back when we drop him off; he trots off with his human friends, tail up and wagging. The price is extremely reasonable and we are very fortunate Rocky Mount has such an elite business for our 4 legged friends. I also admire that Susan and Van Baker require additional vaccines besides Rabies to ensure the healthiest environment possible. I have received texts/phone calls if Drake has had something foreign in his stool (he’s a Lab, this will happen) and comments to follow stating, “oh but he’s acting just fine!” This goes to show the dogs are monitored and it’s not a chaotic, unsupervised environment. OH! And, if we can’t make it to pick up Drake in time, no worries, they will take him home on their Pet Taxi!!!! What more could you ask for?! The Lewis family is a HUGE fan of PBF and their wonderful and educated employees! Nothing is more gratifying than not having to worry about your pet during the day, knowing they are in wonderful hands.
In addition to the above, I must comment on the training and education the employees go through. PBF has their own certified trainer on staff that is called in if certain problematic situations arise. Employee training is performed with their trainer to ensure the safest environment possible for the dogs. Training classes are also offered on a 6 week basis, 1 night/week. Drake attends these classes and has successfully passed his Canine Good Citizen certification thanks to the training and guidance provided by Engel Hicks.
They have 4 play areas that are divided for small-large dogs and those with similar personalities, and PBF also recently added an in-ground pool to their play area in 2015! Drake Lewis is a fan!!!! I love the fact he is continually monitored throughout the day. The employees pay close attention in hot summer weather and ensure the safety of the dogs by allowing them cool off time in the indoor play areas."  -S. Lewis

"They take the time to get to know you and your pets!"

"Where do we begin? From the open yards and swimming pools, to being inside and woofing down peanut butter dog treats, we can only be jealous we can't go to Pet's Best Friend everyday! Lily LOVES hanging out with her friends (4 legged and 2 legged). Whether she's ready to run or just wanting to have a people day, she gets it all! The part we love the most is that dogs get to run, play or sleep their entire visit at daycare and not spend parts of the day in a kennel. Socialization is key to a dog's development. They get to interact with many different breeds, personalities, sizes and ages. Susan, Van, Ellen, Morgan and Beth are all awesome! They take the time to get to know you and your pets! We couldn't ask for a better place to take our pets!"  - T. Aldridge

"...caring staff, top quality groomers and clean and safe facility."

"Pet's Best Friend is where all the furbabies want to go. I was looking for a clean, safe, friendly environment for my two girls to go during the day while I'm at work. PBF fulfills all my needs with their friendly and caring staff, top quality groomers and clean and safe facility.  If you want the best for your furbabies, PBF is the only choice. Recommended by Muffin and Joy (furbaby divas)!"  - D. Holder

"They get lots of fun exercise and sleep well when they come home."

"See this smile on Minnie Keel Robbin's face....she is totally in her "zone of happiness". Pet's Best Friend's doggie daycare! She is ready to play ball; tug of war with her buddies at daycare; swim in the doggie pool and get all cleaned up and enjoy her snacks during the day! When she awakes in the morning and I tell her Pet's Best Friend is coming to get you...she runs from window to window looking for them...when the door opens and there is Susan or Van or another team member ...Minnie loves them all...she leaps in their arms with lots of kisses and is 10 steps ahead getting herself on that van to go with them! It means so much to pet owners to know their pets are really having a great day and believe me...they get lots of fun exercise and sleep well when they get home! Some days around 5:00  pm I will call and ask "where's minniebug?   Answer always is she's just hanging out with us!!! I am always content and happy when I know she is with the team at Pets Best Friend!!!!" - K. Keel

"Our dogs always come back smelling great, perfectly groomed and so happy!"

"Our pups LOVE PBF! When we take their collars off in the morning, they wait by the door for the pet taxi to come! The team at PBF is exceptional. Our dogs always come back smelling great, perfectly groomed and so happy! Any special needs are always met with care and they take absolutely no chances with your dogs health. The in-home pet sitting is also fantastic. When leaving my dogs, PBF is very good with special schedules as requested by the owners and I trust the entire team in my home and with the care of my animals (and if you know me for 5 minutes, you'll see I am very particular about my babies!). When it comes to my animals, I have extremely high expectations. PBF has always met and exceeded them so I feel confident saying I highly recommend them!"  - L. Simpson

"Having them as partners in your pet's lives is such a great blessing!"

"I had the honor of being one of Pet's Best Friend's first clients in 1993. My two cats, Cleo and Oscar, and my blonde cocker spaniel, Pris, enjoyed their dedicated care all their lives, to age 16. My yellow lab, Sadie, and kitties Hannah and Samuel, were treated royally and spoiled by Van and Susan; 14 years for Sadie and Hannah, and Samuel still at age 15, and dealing with diabetes. When I travel to California to visit my son, Van comes for Samuel three times a day for his glucose monitoring and insulin shot, as well as to give him his canned food at noon. Special needs for Sadie required Van to come 4 times a day in the last two years of her life. Susan came to my house the night I fell and broke my hip, used her key to let the paramedics in, and got my Sadie and took her to her home and put her in bed with she and Van! When I called 911, I gave them the number of Pet's Best Friend to call to come get Sadie. They rushed right over here on a Sunday night around 8:30 pm. They will not only love and cherish your fur kids as much as you do, they will also come to your own rescue! Having them as partners in your pets' lives is such a great blessing."  
- B. Kane

"I would trust no one else with my pets."

"I have known Susan Baker since college. She started a great business that I have used for over 12 years.  My Collie/Lab Dolly loved her and Susan did a wonderful service for me.  I was laid off from QVC in 2009, and Dolly died that same night.  Susan was there. She loves animals, and cares deeply. I would trust no one else with my pets."
 - J. Potts

"The pet taxi is great to use when I can't make it to them during a busy day!"

"Hot Rod and Lola jump and bark every week when it is time to come see Susan and her crew! A staff member always meet me at the door and is ready to take "the babies"! They love to stay with them and get spoiled while they are with them! The Pet Taxi is great to use when I can't make it to them during a busy day! They always come home beautiful and smell so good! We love SUSAN and her crew! Thank you for loving "the babies"   - L. Tharrington

"Always on top of the latest trends in pet supplies, food and care."

"Susan and the employees at Pet's Best Friend are the only people I trust to take care of my dogs and cats when I need to be out of town. I can leave and have peace of mind that everybody will be taken care of, and my house will be safe as well. The PBF groomers are the best, and Mia and Suki always smell and look great when I pick them up. Pet's Best Friend is also a great example of a successful small business in Rocky Mount, and is always on top of the latest trends in pet supplies, food, and care. I don't know what I'd do without them!"
  - M. Liv

"Come rain or shine, they are dependable and on time."

“For over 20 years, PBF has been like a family member, caring for our pets.  Come rain or shine, they’re dependable and on time. They are truly your pets' best friend in Rocky Mount and surrounding areas.”   - B. & L. Hoy

"...truly cares about their clients, two-legged and four!"

“My mother and I have used Pet’s Best Friend for over ten years. We love their in-home pet sitting service so that our dogs don’t have to stay cooped up in a kennel while we are gone, and we love their grooming facility so our dogs stay clean!  Susan and her staff at Pet’s Best Friend have always taken care of our dogs and us.  With our three dogs: Hershey, Nikki, and Toby, the staff at Pet’s Best Friend is very patient and gives each of our fur babies equal attention! Susan and her staff are always there when one of our babies needs help.  When our dog Nikki recently got sick and wouldn’t eat or drink, Susan came to the rescue bringing corn sticks, which Nikki loved, and sat with Nikki and us until she was able to eat again.  Susan checked in every day and with her help and prayers, Nikki has improved so much! Pet’s Best Friend truly cares about their clients, two-legged and four!  We absolutely love the staff at Pet’s Best Friend and consider them part of our family because they love our fur babies just as much as we do!”  - T. Cox

"My sweet Peter LOVES playing in Doggie Daycare!"

“My Catahoula Hounds REALLY love Pet's Best Friend! They are both rescues, and have insecurity issues, but my sweet Peter LOVES playing in Doggie Daycare! And my younger hound, Chet, was well behaved when I had him groomed there, and is a good boy in Doggie Daycare when Momma isn't there to be protected! They have memorized the roads to the shop, and both start whining once we reach Winstead Avenue, licking my cheek, and saying, "Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?!"  - A. Johnson

"We are confident that she will be loved and cared for..."

“Whether it is a trip around the world or a long day out of town, we have depended on Susan and her staff to take care of our child, aka Labrador, Gaby. She never disappoints us but continues to surprise and delight us with the level of service, dedication and caring for our beloved pooch. We can leave Gaby with a regretful heart, but we are confident that she will be loved and cared for, as we would do it, in our absence. Simply, you could not find a better person to entrust in the care of your fur-covered child. Our family couldn't live without her!”    -L. Thorp

"They are caring, trustworthy and always treat your pet as their own family member."

“I have been a client of PBF for almost 8 years. Client is not exactly the right word; the entire staff treats you like family. They are caring, trustworthy and always treat your pet as their own family member. Cessna cannot wait to get in the door and some days doesn’t want to leave. Peace of mind is a great thing and if your pets are associated with PBF, then that is what you will have. PBF is not just awesome, they are PAWSOME!!”  
 -M. Courtney

"...Charlie's "tail wagging" response says it all."

"I think Charlie's reaction at the mention of Aunt Susan's name and his monthly spa day is priceless. He pounces me, kisses me then steps over me to get to the back door raring to go.

Charlie has been going to Pet's Best Friend for over 10 years and they treat my baby boy as one of their own.   I believe Charlie's "tail wagging" response says it all.  It is my privilege to be known as "you're Charlie Brown's mama!"  I just wonder…who's been stealing my kisses?  We love Pet's Best Friend!" - H. Tharrington 

"His cut is professional and top-notch every time!"

“Jim and I have been using Pet’s Best Friend for over 18 years for the best grooming and pet sitting services anywhere! We just love Susan, Van and the entire staff, and have always been impressed with how much they genuinely care about the well being of our pets!  Our six year old Sheltie, Cobi, feels comfortable in the grooming shop/daycare and comes home prancing around after being groomed, bathed and loved on all day! His cut is professional and top-notch each and every time! We also love their AMAZING pet sitting services! There is absolutely no one else we would entrust our Sheltie to and we feel like we can go out of town confident that our dog and our home will be in capable and loving hands! Cobi is relaxed and comfortable and safe staying in our home and has honest and caring staff coming in to spend time with him. They don’t just walk him and leave. We know that they genuinely love our pet, and take time to make him feel loved while we are gone! They understand how we feel about our pets, and it shows! Thank you Pet’s Best Friend, for being such a friend to us, and to Cobi! We love you guys!”
- G. Cook                      

"...their staff are always professional and caring with their clients."

”When we first got our little Buddy we had no experience at all with groomers so we looked in a phone book and chose one.  We took him a few times but really didn't like what we saw.  So we started asking people we knew that had little dogs that required grooming.  Pet's Best Friend was the name that always came up.  That was over six years ago. They not only have clean, attractive facilities but Susan, Van and their staff are always professional and caring with their clients. Buddy is always so excited when Mondays roll around and he gets to go for a combo play date and spa day. He is really the best testimony for how well four-legged friends get treated at Pet's Best Friend!  So with all the services they provide they make owning a pet one of the easiest additions to anyone's life!” - P. Barnes

"Plans change and Susan's response is always "no problem, I've got you covered."

“Since 2001 Susan has been sitting for 14-year-old Rico. Even when she wasn't on the job sitting, she lovingly came to his rescue when he escaped and went to Harris Teeter looking for me. As our animal family grew, so did Susan and Van's business and that growth only made their attention to detail and solid commitment stronger. Plans change and there are last minute requests and occasional cancellations, and Susan's response is always " no problem; I've got you covered." We so appreciate Pet's Best Friend and don't know what we would do without them.”   -J. Blanton

"We simply would not consider trusting our "babies" to anyone else!"

"For the past twenty years, my husband and I have used the grooming and pet sitting services of Pet's Best Friend. We simply would not consider trusting our "babies" to anyone else! Thanks Susan and Van!" - K. Barnes

"I never worry about them when they are there..."

"Pet’s Best Friend is an awesome groomer and Doggie Daycare! I cannot say enough nice things about them! My boys Teddy and Vader love going there to get groomed and pampered! They have both been going since they were babies. They adore all the love and attention they get from all the staff! Even when we see anyone from PBF out in public, they always remember my babies and come and love on them! My boys love going to play at daycare as well! They are both usually exhausted when they come home from playing with their fur buddies. I also really like that they send pictures of the boys to me sometimes while they are there. I can tell they are having a great time and are being well taken care of. I never worry about them while they are there. They are in the best hands. We are so glad we chose them 3 years ago for our fur babies care! " - D. Moss   

"When it comes to grooming, they are second to none."

"I highly recommend Pets Best Friend for all of your dogs needs- daycare, grooming, and boarding! Our dog Willie loves to play in the pool with his friends. He likes his sleepovers there too.  When it comes to grooming they are second to none. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!" -A. Hunt

"They treat our dogs like family!"

"My dogs love the staff at Pet’s Best Friend. We’ve known Susan and Van for over 15 years. They are like family. They treat our dogs like family! Anna Belle and Charlie visit once a month for their bath and grooming. They always come home looking so spiffy! We were super excited to learn they had expanded their services to offer boarding. My dogs love their nightly tuck in’s. So spoiled! I highly recommend Pet’s Best Friend. Wonderful people!" - M. Bass

"He really enjoys going for doggie daycare to play with his fur friends...."

"We love the staff and appreciate that they love our fur baby Duke. He really enjoys going for doggie day care to play with his fur friends on his grooming days.  He must really play hard because he is exhausted when he gets home. Beth does a great job grooming him. I always look forward to seeing the bandanna he wears home. If you are looking for a place you can be happy and comfortable leaving your pet this is the place!" - D. Minton

"They enjoyed their weekend with Pet's Best Friend!"

"Just wanted to give a shoutout of thanks from Muffin and Izzee!! They enjoyed their weekend with Pet’s Best Friend!! Plus they get the best spa days to have their hair cut! Thank you to the staff for loving on our fur babies when they come to visit!!" - W.  Johnson

"Incredibly reasonable prices and wonderful staff!"

"After so many horrible boarding experiences, my dog finally came home happy and healthy! Incredibly reasonable prices and wonderful staff!" - A. Ward

"...they even send updates of your pet!"

"I love this place for my furbaby. They are very reliable and they take good care of him. While on vacation they even send updates of your pet. This will definitely be my go to place for my pup!!  - Keena A.

"The staff were great with Walrus..."

"I took my dog Walrus in for a bath and a nail trim, which both of these are normally a huge ordeal with her. The staff at Pet's Best Friend were great with Walrus and had nothing but nice things to say about her when we picked her up. Plus look at her spiffy bandana! The staff is super nice and I recommend taking your dog over to Pet's Best Friend." - B. Alston

"He was calm and happy."

" Sammy is usually extremely anxious in new situations and shakes in fear with people he doesn’t know. When I picked him up today, he was calm and happy. And he looked great! Thank you for taking such good care of him!"- Leslie S.

"Great job and lots of love..."

"My toy poodle Teddybear got the best first hair grooming ever. Great job and lots of love from owner and staff.
Very satisfied ❤️ "- Aundra P.

"Great job and lots of love..."

"My toy poodle Teddybear got the best first hair grooming ever. Great job and lots of love from owner and staff.
Very satisfied ❤️ "- Aundra P.

 "He came home looking so stinking cute!"❤️

"Elvis came home happy! The care and customer service was amazing! They kept me updated during his 4 night stay. Highly recommend grooming service too… 10/10. He came home looking so stinking cute!"❤️ - T. Stovall

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